I have loved Arts 'n Crafts since I was a child.
Anything creative that I could get my hands on to try I would.
From reborning to sewing, to crocheting, knitting, to embroidery.
Coming from a family where almost everyone sewed
certainly helped.
I knew from an early age that I wanted to own my own business one
day, and work from home where I could control my air quality.
I've had asthma since I was a child and I have found that in the
workforce people would come to work with cigarette smoke on
their clothes or laden with strong fragrances which would cause my
asthma to flare.

I have always loved sewing & babies.
This combination led to me create personalized baby items which
later led me to my passion.
I was creating a portfolio of my Personalized baby clothing line,
but the babies in my family grew too quickly
to model my creations.
So I begun my search for a lifelike doll that could be my model,
that search led me to Reborn dolls.
I was absolutely fascinated with their realism.
I decided to try my hand at Reborning not knowing how much work
went into this craft. I was hooked!
Each baby is such a thrill to complete.
I strive for perfection with each new creation.

When you decide to adopt one of my babies know that a lot of time
and attention to detail goes into each one.
I take great pride in my work, and I am absolutely delighted to
share my Art Babies with you!
I have been learning the Art of Sculpting & Silicone painting in an
effort to learn all aspects of creating these Amazing babies.
Thank you for your interest in my work!
©Cuddle Me Soft Reborn Nursery. All rights reserved
Adorable reborn babies for sale
Adorable reborn babies for sale
Adorable reborn babies for sale
Cuddle Me Soft
Art Dolls by Professional Artist Fay O'Neal
It's more than a doll.
It's a beautiful work of Art