The Art Of Reborning
Reborning is a popular art. It involves transforming a manufactured vinyl doll
into a beautiful recreation of a life like newborn or toddler.
The reborn dolls that I sell are actually Newborn dolls
because the kit comes bare, so there is no stripping of paint
or removal of glue to begin the paining process.
Below is a kit that I reborned
I have displayed a photo of how the kit came, and the completed baby.

I only use the best paints and materials on all of my babies.
I use Genesis Heat Set Paint, that will not chip or fade over time.
The skin tone is achieved by applying many layers of paint.
I use a combination of sealer to create a tight seal.
This creates a unique skin texture that will not chip or fade over time.
The hair is rooted 1-3 tiny hairs at a time, then sealed twice with waterproof
glue so the new Mommy / Daddy can gently style it.
All of my reborn babies are weighted with finely grounded glass, and cotton so
that each doll will feel realistic when held in your arms.
There is NO sand in any of my babies, making them safe to travel worldwide.
After assembly I gently dress them in adorable outfits and wrap them in a
receiving blanket to keep them safe on there trip to their new Mommy.
As a final touch they are sprayed with baby power so they look, smell, and feel
as close to a real baby as possible.

Reborn  Art dolls are not toys, they are collectors items  
intended for Adult collectors.
They should never be given to small children without proper supervision.
All of my babies are made with a magnetic pacifier ,
great care should be used around pacemakers, and electronics.  
Approximately 80 - 200+ hours are spent in the creation of these delicate dolls.
Because I am the sole artist at Cuddle Me Soft Reborn Nursery
I am often work on 2 - 6 babies at a time.
Reborning much like any creative endeavour takes inspiration,
so on days when my creativity is not as strong I tend to root the hair.
Rooting requires great attention to detail,
but I find that it does not require as much inspiration.
A great deal goes into each reborn baby, and I hope
each one makes it to a loving home.

Please note that I create Art Dolls not Play dolls
Not properly caring for your Art Doll may cause damage
With proper care your Art Doll can remain in
Pristine condition for years to come
The head on the left is how the kit was received. The head on the right
was after 3 layers of paint to neutralize the red undertones. The baby on
the right is the completed baby after over 50 hours of work.
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Cuddle Me Soft
Art Dolls by Professional Artist Fay O'Neal
It's more than a doll.
It's a beautiful work of Art