Amanda was created using a Nina sculpt by Gudrun Legler
Born 11/4/11
3/4 arms & legs
Approx 22"  5lbs 10oz
Anatomically correct front/back plate

Cuddle Me Soft Reborn Nursery. All rights reserved
Beautiful Baby Amanda Adopted
I use Genesis Heat Set Paint, that will not chip or
fade over time. The skin tone is achieved by
applying many layers of paint.
more natural look.
All of my reborn babies are weighted with finely grounded glass, Polly pellets, and
cotton so that each doll will feel realistic when held in your arms.
There is NO sand in any of my babies, making them safe to travel worldwide.
After assembly I gently dress them in adorable outfits and wrap them in a receiving
blanket to keep them safe on there trip to their new Mommy.
As a final touch they are sprayed with baby power so they look, smell, and feel like
a real baby.